Empowering individuals to bring their creative ideas to life with cutting-edge technology and visionary ideas for unparalleled impact and reach.


Nucleus is a truly all-in-one, turnkey content platform. Nucleus stands at the intersection of the physical and digital creator economy, offering our members access to state-of-the-art studios, cutting-edge content creation tools, and a like-minded community. Whether you're into short-form or long-form content, podcasting, live streaming, or more, Nucleus is designed to help you bring your creative ideas to life.


Daniel Odess


Daniel is an engineering graduate and licensed general contractor and he has managed construction projects totaling nearly 1 million square feet of real estate. As an insurance expert, he has led GlobalPro, an elite insurance services firm, in the recovery of over $1 billion in insured damages for global real estate firms. His entrepreneurial ventures also include owning and operating nearly 100,000 square feet of real estate. As a self-taught programmer, he innovates processes, notably with ventures like Nucleus & Claims Calculator. With his background spanning insurance, construction, and technology, Odess is uniquely positioned to lead Nucleus as the Chief Executive Officer. Odess' creative pursuits extend to commissioned photography for elite fashion houses, epitomizing visionary leadership across industries.

Anthony Mendez


Anthony is a seasoned entrepreneur boasting over a decade of experience in marketing and advertisement. Renowned as a social media authority, Mendez's impact reverberates through various roles, including being an accomplished podcaster, mult-million dollar health & fitness business consultant, and a brand ambassador for various companies. His noteworthy online presence firmly establishes him as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Mendez's role as the Chief Operating Officer of Nucleus encompasses overseeing Operations, Memberships, Events, & Partnerships, showcasing his dedication to innovation in the creator economy and entrepreneurial acumen. 

Olivia Krys


Olivia is a seasoned digital marketing professional with a strong background in digital strategy, user experience optimization, and project management. She excels in leading digital transformation initiatives, managing cross-functional teams, and optimizing online platforms to enhance user engagement and align with brand objectives. In her recent role at Major Food Group, Olivia led marketing campaigns and oversaw digital ecosystems, driving effective communications across various platforms. Olivia holds a BS in Leadership and Management from New York University and an Executive Certification in Blockchain Technologies from MIT Sloan School of Business. With her diverse experience and strategic vision, Olivia Krys is well-equipped to drive Nucleus's marketing efforts and spearhead innovative digital initiatives as the Chief Marketing Officer.